Our funding comes from multiple sources;

  • Direct donations – Accepted in cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard.
    • for cash donations you can call Thomas at 405-808-6485 to arrange pickup. If you are in the RideShare car, you can give the donation to the driver.
    • Checks can be made out to Thomas Giacomelli and mailed to 4102 E 720 Rd. Loyal, OK 73756 or given to the driver of the RideShare car.
    • Visa and MasterCard donations are accepted by the driver of the RideShare car, or on this website.
  • Proceeds from the RideShare car.
    • The RideShare car is operated on Friday and Saturday nights, generally from 6pm to 6am, in Oklahoma City metro area.
    • 100% of the driver pay (after fuel costs) and 100% of all tips go to the LyvFree – Transition House project.
  • Proceeds from our small farm operation.

We currently have a single residence, but are working on adding an additional residence.

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