Uber steals from charity!

The Lyvfree – Transition House is a 12-step charity for drug and alcohol addiction recovery located in Loyal, OK. Our services are free to those who recover with us. We pay for those services by utilizing the revenue generated by a ride share car. 100% of the driver pay (after fuel), and 100% of the tips go to the Lyvfree – Transition House. Our primary source of that ride share revenue came from utilizing the Uber platform.

Now, after us taking more then 500 riders to their destination safely, Uber has decided to start stealing the fares we have earned. This was such a disappointment! I have been discussing this with Uber ever since it happened. Uber support (you can’t get a human, just email) says the riders didn’t take the trips, we have GPS data and verifiable account data to prove they did. This is so sad, but we have an obligation to our clients to be good stewards of not only the money we receive, but also our time and resources. We have decided to abandon the Uber platform for cause, and use the Lyft platform for ride sharing in it’s place. We will continue to contract directly with customers for nightly car and driver hire.

Lyft is just like Uber, only better. As an institution we are very socially responsible, Lyft is the only socially responsible path to take at this point. Lyft has NOT had any of the scandals that Uber has had, Lyft does NOT have a reputation of stealing from it’s drivers like Uber does. And the CEO of Lyft has NOT verbally abused any of their drivers on camera like Uber’s has. And Lyft does NOT have a history of sexual abuse, cover ups, and employee misconduct like Uber does. And finally, to the best of my knowledge, NO Lyft driver has ever killed one of their passengers, Uber can not say the same thing! This is why many people still don’t know Lyft exists, no headlines.

Lyft needs a greater market share! I am not asking anyone to do something that they are not already going to do. I am asking that they do it on the Lyft platform so that our cause, and many of the disenfranchised former Uber drivers, can replace what we have lost, our income! Per Lyft’s Terms of Service, I can not share our promotion code in this article, but you can find it on our FaceBook page at Kingfisher Ride Share. I really hope to meet many of you on the Lyft platform over the next few weeks. Remember to mention this article, it will be the start of a very engaging conversation. Thank you!

Thomas P. Giacomelli

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