Pictures from inside the Transition House

Scott was nice enough to take some pictures for me to post from the inside of the Transition House.


Here you have a view of the kitchen from the loft. The house is 128 square feet with a loft over the bathroom.

Here is a picture of the loft complete with a shelf that Scott made to hold a TV and DVD player.

Closet space without the door.

The bathroom, toilet on the right, shower is on the left.

Good counter space for a house this small, not so good on cupboard space.

Scott chose this color scheme when he repainted before moving in. The walls are painted with a high gloss enamel to make cleaning up easier. In this picture you can see the small refrigerator (black). Cooking is accomplished with a hot plate (between the toaster and the coffee maker), a microwave oven, and the toaster. Thank you Scott for the intrusion into your private world.

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